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How to get a speed boost

Speed up your touchscreen with this easy to use app that doesn’t cost a thing

Super Touch app

Super Touch app

A lot of the apps that speed up your Android device require root access. If that’s not something you’re comfortable or familiar with, then your options can feel a bit limited. The Super Touch app doesn’t require you to have a rooted device though and it does some pretty impressive things without you needing to have much, or really any, technical know-how. All you will need to get things up and running are your Android device and a Wi-Fi connection. The app isn’t a huge download and it walks you through a lot of what you need to know. It shouldn’t take you very long to get things sorted and while there are a few fiddly bits that might require a little more attention, with a bit of perseverance you’ll soon be swiping around your Android phone or tablet with the sort of speed and grace you didn’t think was possible.

Swipe through the first screens as though you were flipping through a book – there’s about three of them. Have a read and you’ll come to a screen that explains things in a little more detail. The first time you see this, it will have a button marked Advanced at the bottom.

Hit the button marked Advanced and you will be taken to another menu. Here you will be able to find out whether your device is powerful enough to run some of the much more interesting features that are available on the app. If it is, you can tap to get them up and running.

When you have set up the Advanced Settings, go back to the main menu. Now tap the button that starts up the smoothing process. You will see a pop-up window that shows you the progress. If your phone is likely to lock in a couple of minutes, then turn off that particular setting.

Find out how to do even more with Super Touch in issue 60 of Android Magazine, available for instant download now.