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How to find the perfect shot with People Finder in iMovie

Tired of spending hours trying to find the perfect shot? It’s time to add a time-saving tool to your repertoire

mainThe saying goes that ‘a tidy desk equals a tidy mind’. We can apply the same logic to iMovie when we’re working on an important project. Without an organised iMovie Library, finding the right clips for your creative projects can become a nightmare – especially if you have a lot of clips. You end up wasting precious time trying to find a certain clip to realise that it doesn’t work with the project you’re working on.

Having the right clip for your project is hugely important, but it doesn’t mean it has to take hours out of your day finding it. Let’s regain some of those precious lost minutes by taking a few moments to reorganise your iMovie Library. In just a few quick and easy steps, your Library will be on its way to being more organised, and you’ll be able to find that perfect shot in seconds rather than minutes.headerbar

step11: Show Advanced Tools

Some parts of this tutorial require advanced features, such as searching and organisation tools. Ensure Show Advanced Tools is ticked in iMovie’s preferences.

step22: Choose a project

Navigate to the Project Library in the top-left. If you can’t see the Project Library, select Window>Show Project Library. Double-click on your chosen project.

step33: Select an event

In the Event Library, select the event which contains video clips with people. If you can’t see the Event Library, click the boxed star icon shown here.

step44: Analyse your clips

Go to File>Analyze Video>People. iMovie will analyse your event clips. This may take some time depending on the number and size of the clips.

step55: See the people

Once iMovie has finished analysing, you’ll see that some clips in your event have purple lines on them. These are clips which iMovie has detected people in.

step66: Filter your clips

To help you find that perfect shot, you can also filter People clips by number of people and type of shot used. To do this, click the magnifying glass icon.

step77: Advanced clip filtering

In the pane which slides out, click on the options to filter the clips even further. You can combine options such as number of people and type of shot used.

step88: Un-filter your clips

When an option is illuminated, it means the clip is filtered. To un-filter, click on the illuminated option(s) or click Any to show all event clips.

step99: Add to project

Once you’ve found the shots you’d like to use, click and drag them to your project. You’ve found your perfect shot – and your iMovie Library is even more organised!

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