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How to find lost pictures in iPhoto for Mac

Lost a photo or even a whole set in iPhoto on your Mac? Here’s how to find them...

MainThere’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting where you left something. Thankfully for photo enthusiasts, iPhoto has a multitude of features for sensibly storing and rapidly locating lost images.

As well as storing images as Events or in self-composed albums, you can use iPhoto to tidy away files based on who is in them, or where they were shot (ie Faces or Places). This is a great way of locating a particular shot if you know who was in it or where it was taken. Otherwise you can use iPhoto’s efficient Search engine to track down a picture using specific or vague information, such as a keyword, or a rough idea of the dates of when it was taken. Use our all-encompassing Search tutorial below to ensure you never lose an image again.


Step 1

1 Who?

If you’re looking for a photo of a person, the first thing to try is Faces. Look here for the person’s designated album and locate the file. Otherwise, type the person’s name into the search field.

Step 2

2 What?

If you’ve rated your images as you’ve uploaded them, finding a particular file based on its rating should be easy. Click on the magnifying glass icon and select the appropriate rating.

Step 3

3 When?

Use iPhoto’s search by date feature to select when you think the picture was shot. Simply select the months in question, or double-click on the month to choose days or weeks.

Step 4

4 Where?

If you added the location to the photo, or it had GPS data attached, then use the Places map to pinpoint it. Or, if you assigned keywords to the shot, use Search to cross reference keywords.