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How to export your Keynote projects to Dropbox on iOS

Access your presentations from anywhere with Dropbox on iOS

If you want to open your Keynote documents on other Macs or access your files from different computers, you don’t just have to use email or AirDrop. Dropbox enables you to save files and photos to your account, and then access them on any device you can think of. You can sign up for a free account with 2 GB of free storage, and once you’re set up you can save any file to the cloud. The Dropbox app makes it easy to transfer all kinds of files to and from your iOS devices, but it also offers the perfect solution for sharing your work with others.

In this six-step tutorial we’ll show you how to share your Keynote presentations to Dropbox with a few taps, before explaining how to share your work with friends.

Step-by-step: Export your work to Dropbox


1 Open in another app

Open Keynote and tap the Share button up at the top-left of the screen. You will only see three options, but the one you need is Open in Another App. Tap that now.

Step 1_web

2 Select your presentation

Now you’ll have to select the presentation you want to open with another app. It’s worth noting that you can only export one presentation at a time using this method.

Step 2_web

3 File types

Before you can export your work, you’ll need to choose the file type you want to export. If you want the ultimate compatibility on Windows, Mac and iOS, choose PowerPoint.

Step 3_web

4 Select Dropbox

After the file has been prepared, you need to tap the Choose App option on the screen and select Dropbox from the list. If it isn’t an option, you need to download the Dropbox app.

Step 4_web

5 Choose a location

You’ll be moved over to the Dropbox app automatically, and you’ll need to select a location in which to save your file. Tap through until you find the folder you want.

Step 5_web

6 You’re done

Once you’ve tapped the Save button the file will be added. The progress bar shows that the file is being saved and uploaded to your Dropbox folder so it can be accessed anywhere.

Step 6_web

Step-by-step: Import files from Dropbox


1 Open in

In your Dropbox folder, find the file you want to add to your Keynote app and tap the Share button at the top-right corner of the screen. Choose Open In from the menu that appears below.

Boxout 1_web

2 Pick Keynote

Every compatible application will be listed on the screen, but tap Keynote from the selection. If Keynote isn’t an option, it’s because the file isn’t compatible with the app. Most file types should be fine though.

Boxout 2_web

3 Importing

The app will open when you tap its icon and this screen will appear to show that the file you have picked is being imported, with a progress bar across the bottom. It will then appear on the Presentations screen.

Boxout 3_web

In-depth: Sharing options

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