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How to enable mobile billing on Android

Enable mobile billing on Android to make managing your transactions easier.

You can now use your mobile bill to make purchases on the Google Play Store. Not all carriers are supported, but if yours is with a few taps you can be buying apps, games and other entertainment products and seeing the cost pop up on your mobile bill rather than your credit card or Google Play credits balance. In this tutorial we’re going to walk you through the simple process of setting up mobile billing, and explain a few of the pitfalls you might come across. It’s entirely possible that your mobile provider doesn’t actually allow mobile billing, in which case none of this is going to work, so it’s worth checking out that it does. It’s worth bearing in mind the payment method only works on mobile devices using the Google Play app, so you won’t be able to make purchases on the web store with your mobile bill.

  1. Billing 1

    Pick a product

    First up pick the item that you want to buy from the Google Play Store. You’re going to have to be connected to your mobile provider’s data network while you do this, not WiFi, otherwise it’s not going to work.

  2. Billing 2

    Tap on the price

    After you’ve accepted the various permissions the app needs to work, you’ll be taken to the payment window. Here you’ll see the price and your current payment method. Tap on the arrow next to the price to reveal the payment options button.

  3. Billing 3

    Is it there?

    This is where you’ll find out that your carrier, your device, or your plan, isn’t set up for mobile billing. After tapping the payment options button you’ll be taken to a page that shows your credit cards and other payment options.

  4. Billing 4

    Find the right one

    If you can use mobile billing then there should be an option marked Enable Mobile Billing in the list with an image of an aerial next to it. Tap on this to start setting up Mobile Billing on your account.

  5. Billing 5

    Set things up

    Google will attempt to connect to your mobile account now. You’ll be asked to fill in your name and your post code, and once you’ve done that your account will be verified. Make sure you’ve got a strong signal to make things run smoothly.

  6. Billing 6

    Pay your way

    Once you’re verified you’ll be taken back to the purchase page. You should see that now you can buy the app with your mobile bill. You can change back to credit or debit cards whenever you want from the payment options menu.