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How to edit images with PhotoToaster – iPad Tutorial

Being creative with your snaps has never been so easy and enjoyable

There’s a lot to be said for editing images on the iPad.
You can edit photos anywhere you like and your proximity to the device makes the process feel far more immersive than using a mouse or trackpad. Then, of course, you’ve got simplicity. The iPad app we’re using in this tutorial is designed to give you great control without a barrage of menus or screens. In fact, this is one of the slickest editing apps we’ve used on the iPad so far. Of course there are some limitations: let’s not kid ourselves, this is no Photoshop. But it does give you more than enough opportunity to take a good shot and put an alternative spin on it through creative editing. We can’t think of a better way to spend some time with the iPad than editing a batch of great photos and putting a personal touch on them. As with most decent apps, there is the ability to instantly share your creations; so, once you’ve created a masterpiece it can be uploaded without the need for your Mac. Here’s a quick guide to this cool app and how to use it.

1: Pick a picture

The opening page of the app lets you select where you are going to source your picture from and a few other helpful options besides. Tap the Photo Library button at the top of the options.

2: Good guide

Once you’ve picked a picture, a cool little guide will appear. This gives you the lowdown on some of the basic editing tips that you will need as you work through the app.

3: Presets

If you tap the wheel at the bottom of the interface, you’ll see a bunch of presets appear along the bottom with handy preview thumbnails too. Cycle through presets by tapping the wheel again.

4: Buttons

You can add individual elements to the picture you’ve chosen by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Again, presets will appear and you can just tap on the one you want.

5: Slider

If you want to go in and edit the levels of a preset you think is nearly working, use the button on the corner of the top of the thumbnails to access this editing area.

6: Cropping

The cropping feature in this app isn’t as advanced as it should be, with just three presets available and no fine-tuning. Tap on the crop size that you would like to use and a window will frame it.

7: Pinched

Use a pinch or reverse-pinch to resize the snap inside the crop window. When you are happy with the new look, simply tap the ‘tick’ icon at the bottom left of your screen.

8: Ready to rock

Your selected crop will be executed and you can then go back to editing your image using the icons at the bottom of the page, or using the presets by tapping the wheel.

9: Share it

Use the Save icon at the top of the interface to bring up this menu. As you can see, sharing and saving is simply a matter of tapping on your preferred option: Tumblr, Facebook, email or Photo Library.

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