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How to edit groups of photos with Batch Change – Tutorial

Reduce the time it takes to alter information about your images with iPhoto on Mac

Organising and sorting your photos is a difficult, but necessary task. However, adjusting various bits of information on a number of different images can prove to be a long and arduous task. To make the process much quicker and more efficient, iPhoto allows you to use the Batch Change function to apply simple edits to groups of photos.

Therefore, by selecting a number of images and using this option, it’s possible to apply a simple change to all of the images, cutting down on the time it takes to group and organise your shots.

With Batch Change it’s possible to edit the title and description of your images, as well as choose how this information is displayed within iPhoto, making it much quicker and easier to find the photos you want.

1: Original editing

To edit an image’s info without Batch Change, you need to open up the Info tab and type in the different input fields. This can take forever, though.

2: Select your images

To begin the Batch Change function you will need to select images. Select the images individually or click and drag to select a whole bunch.

3: Photos>Batch Change

Now navigate to Photos>Batch Change with your images selected. This will open a small window where you’ll be given the basic options.

4: Input window

The first window that opens gives you two options from which to make your edits, and choosing different options opens up further drop-downs.

5: Set

The Set option allows you to choose between three different options: title, date or description. This alters the information regarding your selected images.

6: Description

With the description option set you are able to add a simple sentence, with the added option to place it at the end of an already existing description.

7: Date

With the date you are able to change everything down to the specific time, with the option to add a set number of minutes for precise image labelling.

8: Title text

Simply choosing the option to set the title of your images to text is the quickest and easiest way to effectively rename your images as a whole.

9: Using the date

Setting the title of your images to appear as the date and time opens up a range of options, including what specific information appears.

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