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How To Drink Wine Without Pulling The Cork

Fitted with needle and an argon gas canister, the Coravin Wine System 1000 can access, pour and store wine without removing the cork using inert gas to keep the wine fresher for longer.

Seemingly a superfluous accessory at first, the Coravin is now a favourite in our kitchen and our recommended pick for National Drink Wine Day. It lets you switch between bottles without having to plug the red wine with some inferior cork.

Screen shot 2016-02-18 at 10.58.38

The consistency of the wine you get when drinking through a Coravin is also more pleasing to the palette, especially if you drink with food. This is because the tastes are more active, meaning flavours bought specifically to be eaten with certain dishes complement textures and tastes.

If wine’s not your thing, check out these five cocktail gadgets that are causing a stir.

How to use the Coravin Wine System 1000

  1. Clasp on bottle

    Coravin Wine System Step1

    Open the rear clamp before aligning the Coravin needle with the direct centre of the cork or lid. Once done, let go of the clamp so it forms a tight grip around the bottle.

  2. Insert the needle
    Coravin Wine System Step2

    Press firmly down on the top so that the needle goes through the cork. Now turn the bottle and Coravin horizontal to minimise any air getting into your wine.

  3. Press and release

    Coravin Wine System Step3

    Press the trigger on the top of the Coravin in short bursts to start pouring your drink. Make sure to pour near the inside rim of the glass to prevent any splash back.

This article is an extract from ‘Drink (Responsibly) Like A Pro,’ which originally appeared in Gadget issue 2. To read the whole feature, order a hard copy of Gadget issue 2 here or download the digital edition.