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How to delete iCloud Keychain data properly on your Mac

Keep track of your secure iCloud password and credit card information on your Mac

MainiCloud Keychain makes the painful experience of creating and remembering complex and secure passwords a breeze. Rather than inventing a collection of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols for each of your accounts and then trying to remember them all, iCloud Keychain suggests a complex and secure password for each account, then stores them all safely in iCloud. When you’re on your devices you can log in quickly without compromising security, and even store credit card information to make paying for things easier than ever.

But what if you don’t want these items stored any more? Don’t worry – deleting from iCloud is a quick and easy process, whether you want to get rid of a single password or credit card, or remove everything at once.


Step 1

1 Adding passwords

When you change your password for a site, or sign up for a new account somewhere, iCloud Keychain will suggest a complex password automatically, or offer to remember your own.

Step 2

2 View Preferences

To get more information on what’s been saved, choose Safari>Preferences from the menubar, or hold Cmd and hit the comma key, then click on the Passwords tab in the panel.

Step 3

3 View individual passwords

Here you can see all the sites with saved passwords. Check the box at the bottom and input your Mac’s administrator password to view the password of the highlighted site.

Step 4

4 Remove unwanted

If you no longer want a specific password saved, you can click to highlight it, then click the Remove button. With no site selected the button will remove all passwords.

Step 5

5 Copy anything

Right-click (or Control-click) on any of your entries and you’ll see options to copy the address, username or password. This is useful if you have the AutoFill checkbox unchecked.

Step 6

6 Edit AutoFill

Click the AutoFill tab at the top of the window to see more options for iCloud Keychain. Click the Edit button next to the Credit cards option and you can adjust what is saved.

Step 7

7 Credit cards

In the Credit cards menu you can see all the saved cards, with descriptions, the ends of the card numbers, the expiry dates and cardholder names, so you know which is which.

Step 8

8 Add or remove

You can add new cards with a click, before filling out the boxes that appear, or remove older cards by highlighting them and clicking Remove at the bottom of the menu.

Step 9

9 Switch it off

Removing passwords and credit cards from Safari’s menu will delete them from your iCloud account, but you can also just switch off the Keychain feature in System Preferences.

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