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How to customise your iOS Notification Center

Fed up with lots of notifications taking up room in the Notification Center? It’s easily fixed…

The Notification Center in iOS is the perfect way to be alerted to various happenings in your life and within the apps that you have on your device. You can view reminders, see the next event on your calendar or discover when an item is ending soon on eBay by simply pulling down on the screen, regardless of what else you are doing at that time.


But if you have too many notifications enabled then you will find that the Notification Center is constantly pestering you for your attention. Not every notification is desirable and worthy of your attention. Thankfully, you can manage them and ensure that you only get to view the notifications that you really want to see. As well as judging what you do and don’t want, you can also change the order of priority in which they appear. We’ve detailed how to master your notifications over the next two pages.

Step-by-step: Your Notification Center options


1 Lock screen access

Open Settings>Notification Center and slide Notifications View to off to prevent access to the Notification Center on the lock screen. The Today View can also be turned off.


2 Today View

Customise the Today View using the sliders, showing the elements you want. These include summaries, reminders, calendar and stocks. Next Destination indicates your next location.


3 Re-arrange options

You can re-order notifications so the most important info is placed at the top of the Notification Center. Tap Edit and tap a three-lined icon. Drag it up and down the list.


4 Micro-customisation

Now select individual services such as Messages. Tap the app and select how you want your alerts to be displayed. You can choose to have them appear in the Notification Center.


5 Show Preview

One handy option within Messages is the ability to turn off previews of SMSs in the Notification Center. This is great for privacy. Each app gives varying notification options.


6 Including apps

On the main Notification Center page, you will see two categories: Include and Do Not Include. Tap Edit, place your finger on the handle icon to the right and drag apps between the two.



In-depth: App notifications

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