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How to customise text in Pages on iPad and iPhone

Use the Style drop-down menu in Pages for iPad to get your words to stand out that little bit more

MainIn order to keep someone’s attention when reading a document, black ink on a white page won’t cut it these days. Pages for iOS has become an impressive hub for creativity thanks to the templates, styles and other aspects that can be dropped in to bring documents to life.

This simple tutorial will focus on how you can add new levels of style and excitement to your text, in order to make your documents all the more appealing. Whether it be a school report or board meeting preparation, there are settings that can help you do a lot more to your text than you realised. From simple upgrades like changing the font and size, to deeper tweaks like changing the paragraph style and layout, we have covered everything you need to know here.


Step 1

1 Highlight and Style

Begin by opening your Pages document and highlighting the text you want to improve. Tap the paintbrush icon to open the Style window and see your editing options.

Step 2

2 Size, colour, font

The first option at the top deals with the font you’re using, its size and colour. The three areas are laid out in front of you, and each comes with a range of choices and variants.

Step 3

3 Paragraph style

Anyone who has used WordPress will be familiar with this area of formatting. Each type of font style is linked to a location, so use the names – such as Heading 2 – to guide you.

Step 4

4 The List tab

This section of the Style menu is predominately for use in your main body. Use the options to put together clean-looking lists, complete with letters or numbers to count items.

Step 5

5 Layout and columns

If you’re putting together a magazine or newspaper page, the Column option under Layout will come in very handy. It’s not really to be used on main titles, but ideal for body text.

Step 6

6 Line spacing

This feature, found beneath the Column option, is most suited for academic documents, where space for marking is needed. Simply use the up and down arrows to adjust the spacing.

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