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How to customise iOS 8’s Safari Favorites screen

Edit and organise the iPhone and iPad Safari homescreen to show your most-visited websites

mainiOS is very determined to make your Safari experience as fluid and personal as possible – hence the iCloud sync that lets you take your bookmarks and tabs with you across devices. You can also edit the list of Favorites that appear on the home screen when you open up Safari so that the sites that you want are right there waiting for you.

It’s also possible to reorder the shortcuts that appear here, creating as many folders as you feel are necessary for your own organisation. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a website’s home page that you save – it can be any page that you bookmark, adding it to the Favorites screen. This tutorial will show you how to do that, so your Favorites page stays up to date as you discover and use new websites.


step 1


When you open Safari you are greeted with a list of bookmarked pages, including some that come built in to Safari. Head to the top-right and tap the Bookmarks icon.

step 2

2 Favorites

Tap Favorites and a drop-down menu list of your current selection will appear. You can scroll down the list, but our focus is on the Edit option at the bottom of the window.

step 3

3 Edit

Tap the Edit icon and a red Delete button will appear next to each item. There is also an arrow icon that, when tapped, enables you to change a bookmark’s name if you so wish.

step 4

4 Move and delete

As well as hitting the Delete button to remove an item from the list, tap and hold on the three- lined icon on the far right to re-order items in the list to suit you.