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How to create wrapping paper and gift tags in Pixelmator for Mac

Master tessellation and custom graphics in Pixelmator

mainCreating these gifts on your Mac great, but the first thing people see when you hand over a  present to them is the paper you’ve wrapped it in. And if you’ve spent a long time creating amazing personalised gifts, why not go the extra mile and also make some fantastic paper and a personalised gift tag that will make a fantastic impression as soon as you hand it to your friend? It’s the perfect way to surprise the recipient, and it’s incredibly simple using tessellation techniques and a little creative effort.

headerbarstep11 Shaping up

Start by adding some basic shapes, and consider whether you want them to stay as simple outlines for a multi-use design, or function as frames for photos of your choosing.


2 Text

Wrapping paper often includes birthday or Christmas wishes, so why not go slightly further and add a name so the recipient knows that the gift is definitely for them.

step33 Tessellate

You only need to design a small part of the overall paper design, then tessellate it across the whole sheet in a repeating pattern. Make sure it fits together properly, too.

step44 Tag layout

When you’re creating a gift tag, create a shape then right-click it and choose Make Editable. You can now customise the shape to create your own template, and add a punch hole.

step55 Personal design

This tag can be anything you want, from a photo of you and your friend together to a simple message or a design that matches that of the wrapping paper you have made.

step66 Printing tips

Printing the wrapping paper on A3 will give you more space to work with, and the gift tag should be printed on card. Make sure the resolution is high enough for each one.