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How to create animated photos slideshows in iPhoto for Mac

Bring your travel adventures to life by merging maps and animations with your images

There was a time when being invited around to someone’s home to watch a slideshow of a once-in-a-lifetime trip would be the social kiss of death. But that’s mainly because watching one dull image after another was so incredibly boring. With iPhoto, that doesn’t have to be the case. Use the Slideshow option and the Places theme to produce a fun, animated snapshot of your travels. The app downloads and uses maps, so viewers can instantly understand where images have been taken.


Photos are frequently combined too, making the slideshow even more dynamic and sharp. With accompanying music and the usual abilities to tell iPhoto how you want it to deal with your images, Places is a quick and easy way to produce amazing travelogues.

Step by step: Create an animated Places slideshow


1 Organise your images

Gather together the images you want to see in your slideshow. Make sure they are tagged by location. If your images are geo-tagged, iPhoto will pick up on this automatically.


2 Manually input locations

If the images are not geo-tagged, manually input their locations. Click an image to see the map box and insert a location. You can tag individual images or groups of them all at once.

3 Automatically look up

If the Look Up feature is shown as being disabled, go to iPhoto>Preferences>Advanced. Next to Look up Places ensure it reads Automatically. If not, change via the drop-down.

4 Select theme

Create a new slideshow via File>New Slideshow, select images and copy them into it. Click the Theme icon and make sure you select Places. A globe will appear as your first slide.

5 Choosing music

Now alter the slideshow’s music. Click the Music icon at the bottom-left and then choose a track. There is a selection of built-in themes or you can use tunes from GarageBand or iTunes.


6 Create a custom playlist

If you want to customise the playlist so that you have greater control and variety, tick Custom Playlist for Slideshow and drag and re-order your songs to suit the images.


7 Alter the settings

Click Settings and change the appearance of the slideshow. Adjust the length of slides, fit the slideshow to the music length and decide if you want the title to show or not.


8 Play the slideshow

When you click Play, the slideshow will start to run. First, iPhoto will download maps that it can use as part of your slideshow, giving your images a greater sense of context.


9 Sit back and enjoy

With iPhoto pinpointing key locations with great animations, your images will be showcased in a dynamic fashion. Pause the slideshow and tap the Settings icon to alter it.


Editing your slideshow

Click on the annotated image below to view it at full size.