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How to create and export brilliant beats with DM1on the iPad

Forget expensive studio equipment, your iPad is the perfect solution for creating your own drum beats and loops with the help of DM1 - The Drum Machine for iOS.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Featured

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Sidebar
DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Featured
We doubt that anyone at Apple could have possibly imagined just how diverse the range of apps on the iPad would become when the App Store caught on – let alone have predicted that professional quality music apps could begin to threaten long-established PC software.
Well, that’s what has happened, and this incredibly cool app is testament to the kind of creativity that has many musicians opting to make music on their tablets.

Building on the classic drum machine set up of old, DM1 offers the kind of simplistic programming that will have beginners jumping in with both feet and experienced producers salivating at just how quickly they can program the baddest of beats. The interface is very simple, making for quick navigation and beat creation, but the real clincher for this app is the range of sounds you can sift through. Choose from vintage drum machines, cool live rigs and altogether crazy composites. In this tutorial we’ll take you through creating your first beat, picking a drum sound, saving it out and making it ready to be used in another project.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step-by-Step

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step 1

Step 1: Song time

When the app opens, tap on the Song option in the top-right corner of the screen to enter the Song area. Next, tap on the New button on the right to create a brand new song.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step 2

Step 2: Name it

You can now name your song when the pop up keyboard appears. When you have entered the name of the next number one hit single, hit the Done key on the keyboard.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step 4

Step 3: Step to it

Tap on the Step option at the top of the interface, and then tap on the value to the right of the large play button. This selects the sound module and brings up the selection window.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step 3


Step 4: Pick it, play it

Pick from the list of possible sounds and then begin inputting your beat by tapping on the square markers. Tap the play button and you can hear what you have created played back to you.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step 5

Step 5: Mix it up

You can balance the beat you have created by heading to the Mixer option at the top of the interface. Use your finger to drag values up and down to suit your style.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step 6

Step 6: Back to the beginning

With a beat completed you can now export it so that it is ready to be used in another app. Head to the Song area at the top of the interface and then tap the Export option at the bottom.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step 7

Step 7: Get picky

The pop-up interface gives you all kinds of sharing options, including whether to export a single pattern or an entire song. For the time being we’re sticking with pattern.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step 8

Step 8: Send it

Choose the iTunes option on the right of the menu and then hit Go to send your track to iTunes. Here you will be able to retrieve it as a WAV file on your Mac that you can use in other music-making apps.

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Step 9

Step 9: Handy hints

If you’re not sure how to do this, DM1 will throw up a handy hint dialogue box after you’ve tapped Go, which will help you liberate your newly created track from the iPad and get it into other apps.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

DM1 Tutorial - Create Beats - Annotated