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How to create a movie trailer on your iPad – Tutorial

Create amazing trailers with the newly updated iMovie app and share them with us to feature in iCreate magazine!

Movie on iPad might be seen as the ‘lite’ version of Apple’s popular video editor, but in reality it is a truly powerful tool that is a brilliant standalone app, as well as a great complement to its Mac-based brother. With the latest update to iMovie on iOS from Apple, the app has added several new Trailer templates for you to try, so we thought we’d go back and have a look at just what’s possible with the feature.

These trailers have been a big part of Apple’s iMovie for a few years now. Trailers contain intro titles, transitions and credits. Clips are automatically trimmed to fit the space required, and once you’ve added everything in terms of video you can start to edit the text in the placed interludes. Music, too, is automatically assigned based on the template you choose, making the whole process really very simple. The result is a trailer that not only looks incredibly professional, but one made entirely on an iPad in less than half an hour.

If you give this tutorial a try, share it with us! We’re looking for reader-created content for our Gallery pages in next month’s iCreate. This can be anything from an Instagram snap to an expertly Photoshopped image, and we also include music, videos, and everything in between. If you want to submit a video, or other project that you’ve made at home, check out this post to find out how.

1: New Trailer

Open up iMovie and tap on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen, then choose New Trailer. If you don’t see two options on this menu, check for any App Store updates.

2: Choose a theme

You’ll now be presented with the different themes for your trailer. It’s an important choice – the number of cast members are listed below, so choose wisely and make sure the theme is suitable.

3: Renaming

The first thing you will see is the Outline section, where you can change the name of your trailer, as well as the names of the people that star in your video. All this is done with a simple tap.

4: Extras

You can also change things like the name and design of the Studio screen, as well as the names on the credits at the end of your trailer. Make them as funny or as serious as you like.

5: Adding video

To add a video, tap the area you want to fill. Videos appear in the bottom-right, and you can tap, hold and drag your finger along clips to scrub through them. When you want to add it, tap the blue arrow.

6: Transitions

Themed transitions that match the theme of your trailer will automatically be filled out, but you can edit them to fit your trailer and see the updated text immediately in the preview window on the right.

7: Close cutting

To more precisely cut the video, tap the section that you want to edit. Drag the slider left and right to get the perfect entry point for your clip. The Play button below shows what will be seen in the trailer itself.

8: Optimise

Once you’re done, tap the Back button to return to this screen. Find your trailer and tap the Play button and you can optimise your video. It’ll take some time but the results will be well worth the wait.

9: Viewing time

When the trailer has finished optimising you
can watch it on your iPad. The results should be fantastic, but if you want to change a few things you can do so easily by simply tapping the trailer again.

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