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How to close apps manually on an Android phone

Even when they're not in use, third-party apps tend to continue running in the background, hogging memory or using your data. Follow this tutorial to learn how to close apps manually on a Android phone.

Does your Android phone ever act sluggish or lag? Then a task killer app might just be what you need! A task killer’s goal is to improve the performance of your phone by closing unnecessary apps; it’s more of a housekeeping app. With over 300,000 apps out there, there’s a boatload of apps to download that may be fun but can hinder the performance on your Android phone. The idea with the task killer is that by closing as many programs as possible, your phone will work quicker and save battery life. There are many task killer apps available – let’s take a look at one of the more popular ones, the Advanced Task Killer

1. Download the app

Start by downloading the Advanced Task Killer from the Android Market. Luckily, you won’t need to spend a dime since the app is free. Next, select the Advanced Task Killer app from the app menu and wait for it to load.

2. Select apps to kill

You’ll be given a list of apps currently running on your phone. To kill an app, simply select the empty checkbox to place a green tick in it. Note that some of the apps will be listed in green; these are either built-in services or apps that need to run in the background, and so cannot be closed in this way. Don’t worry too much about these, as they will be well managed by the Android OS to prevent problems.

3. Killing the apps

Once you’ve selected the apps to close, simply select OK and the apps will be closed – it’s that simple!

4. Simply application killing

To make your life easier you can use the ‘auto-kill’ feature to prevent programs from opening in the first place and slowing down your Android phone. This saves time and the aggravation of having to use the task killer app every time you use your phone. Click the Menu button, select Settings and then adjust the Auto Kill Level accordingly. Be careful how you use this feature, however, as setting it too high can cause issues when you’re trying to run apps.

5. Add the widget

While still browsing the Settings, ensure that the Auto-Start option is ticked, and also add apps to the ‘Ignore list’ so that those you don’t want closed, such as a Twitter client running in the background, won’t be. For quick access you can also add the widget to your home screen – tapping on this will instantly kill all apps other than those in the ignore list.