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How to clean up your Mac’s iPhoto Library

Get rid of the clutter and make your Mac’s iPhoto Library easier to stay on top of

mainiPhoto is the perfect place for you to store and organise your photos on your Mac, but after a few months, your library is bound to become cluttered. Even if you don’t take a lot of photos, soon enough you can have hundreds, if not thousands, of images to sort through. And, if you take a lot of snapshots, the Events tab in your favourite photo-editing app can soon become so busy that it’s near impossible to find what you’re looking for. Want to find a specific image? Good luck finding the event it’s in, let alone the photo itself.

The best solution is to make a few small changes to your library to help keep everything organised more neatly. You can merge events or albums together to lessen the number shown in the main window, and renaming photos can not only help when looking for particular images, it can also help when uploading the shots to sites like Facebook and Flickr.headerbar

step11: Batch Change

Choose an event from the sidebar on the left and open it up. Select all
the photos using the Edit menu, then click Photos in the menubar andselect Batch Change from the list that drops down.

step22: Rename

You can rename the photos you have selected to a title that memorably describes the event with a number added at the end. The number will allow you to find them quickly at a later date.

step33: Merge events

Now drag one event onto another to merge them together. The fewer events that are visible, the cleaner iPhoto looks. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find photos thanks to their new names.

step44: Change Key Photo

The Key Photo is the photo that shows when you’re in the process of viewing all events. Roll your mouse over the event until you find one you like, then hit the Spacebar to select it as a Key Photo.

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