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How to clean up and organise Contacts on your Mac

Organise your Contacts app so all the important people are easy to reach

MainIt’s very easy for your Contacts app to become a mess in a short space of time. Whether it’s down to a hectic work schedule or busy social life, endlessly dropping in new names and contact details when in a rush inevitably leads to varying degrees of untidiness. This can be duplicate contacts or inconsistent levels of detail – either way your app will end up looking a little lop-sided and sloppy.

This straightforward tutorial is going to take you through the things you can do in order to tidy your Contacts up, and make finding the information you want quickly a much more streamlined process. Use these processes and getting in contact will become a much smoother experience in the future.


Step 1

1 Creating groups

One of the best ways to bring order to the contacts on your Mac is to put them into groups depending on how you know them. Go to File and then New Group to begin this process.

Step 2

2 Name and add

With a new group added to the list, your first task is to name it something useful. Having done so, you can then drag and drop name cards into the group as you need to.

Step 3

3 Finding duplicates

If you suspect you have more than one version of a contact, you can search for duplicates. Click on the contact, then go to Card and Look for Duplicates and Contacts will scan for doubles.

Step 4

4 Using Preferences

You can also use the Preferences section of the app to tweak the appearance of contacts. Click Contacts in the toolbar and then the Preferences option to see various account settings.

Step 5

5 Altering templates

Among these options is a Template tab. Click on it and you can change which details are present on a contact card. This way, you can tidy up and streamline the information you have.

Step 6

6 Syncing accounts

For a touch of multitasking, go to the Accounts section of Preferences. From here, you can activate multiple accounts and sync your contacts between them.

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