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How to animate images with Echograph for iPad

Bring your still images to life with a little help from your iPad and this amazing app

Many people spend years trying to capture the perfect image, creating perspective and the feeling that anyone looking at the photo is actually there. The idea is to bring an image to life and the developer of Echograph has taken this idea literally with this app, which enables users to animate aspects of their images.

In terms of actual creation, Echograph makes the entire process straightforward, but less self-assured users can try out the app on some of the in-app sample clips before diving into working with their own media. The idea is very simple – take
a short video, cut it down and then choose a single frame to represent the still image, before creating a looping animation of the original footage in a selected area. Echograph has come up with a creative way to let you select your animation that involves you ‘colouring’ in sections of the image. So pick up your iPad and give it a try, following our nine steps to create your first animated image.

1: Create

The interface is simple, with the main menu screen offering you only two main options. You can tap View to get some inspiration for what you would like to achieve, or hit Create to get started.

2: Select video

Having selected Create, you now have the choice of where you would like to source the video from. You can capture yourself on your iPad’s camera, choose from an existing video or try an in-app sample.

3: Capture

Choose to capture an original video and you’ll see your camera’s viewpoint. Tap the Record icon to shoot footage, making sure it’s at least ten seconds long so you have enough for a clear animation.

4: Trim

You will now be presented with a screen containing a bottom scrollbar. This is used to trim down the footage to create the animation loop for your image. Slide the blue bar to the left to cut it down.

5: Static frame

Having tapped the tick icon you will then be asked to select a static frame that will become your ‘photo’. You can also set a delay on your animation, starting when opening the image from this screen.

6: Colour

Now comes the most interesting part of the process. You will see your image covered with a blue tint and must use your finger to rub out the blue where you’d like the image to animate.

7: Preview

Having uncovered the desired area of animation, tap the eye icon in the bottom menu to see a preview of the final image. This gives you the chance to see if any minor tweaks need to be made before saving.

8: Resolution

When happy with your creation, tap the tick icon to save. You’ll then be offered a choice of resolution. Although it says the Hi-Def option requires patience, it takes less than 15 seconds so we recommend it.

9: Save

Having saved the image to your in-app gallery, you can now hit the Share icon. Social networks are the usual destination, but you can also put your work forward to be considered for Echograph’s Staff Picks.

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