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How to add headers and footers to tables in Numbers on iPad

Use these structural elements to navigate your Numbers tables with ease on your iPad

MainAdding headers and footers to a table can be a handy way to view your headings or footer sums as separate from the main body of your table. When you open a blank spreadsheet Numbers will automatically add one header row and one header column to your table, which you can then fill in. It’s easy to adjust the headers and add footers as necessary. Numbers also provides a range of preset table styles that you can add to your spreadsheet simply by tapping the ‘+’ icon.

If you have created a large table that continues beyond the edges of your screen, you can freeze a header row or column to keep it visible as you scroll through your table. Here’s how to set up your headers and footers in four simple steps.


Step 1

1 Set up your spreadsheet

Open a blank spreadsheet and Numbers will create a table with one header row and column highlighted in grey to distinguish them from other cells in your table. Begin entering data.

Step 2

2 Adjust your headers

To adjust the number of table headers, tap the paintbrush icon in the top toolbar and select Headers. Now tap the ‘+’ or ‘–’ symbol next to Header Rows and Header Columns as necessary.

Step 3

3 Freeze

In the same Headers menu, next to Freeze Rows and Freeze Columns, you can swipe the slider to the right to turn this option on. It will fix the header rows or columns in place.

Step 4

4 Add footers

Footers are useful to perform functions on entire columns in your table. In Headers, tap the ‘+’ icon next to Footer Rows and the footers will appear at the bottom of your table.