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How to add features to your notification bar with apps

Use the Informer and NotiShare apps to enhance your notification bar

The notifications bar on your Android phone or tablet might not look like much, but with the help of a few additional apps from the Google Play store it can be opened up to be so much more. In this tutorial we talk you through the Informer and notiShare apps, both of which are free downloads.

Informer gives users a quick look at the current status of their device, with details from everything on battery life to RAM usage. The other app, notiShare, links directly with your various social media accounts, enabling users to quickly update and stay in contact with their friends and family.

    1. Step1New

      Install Informer app

      After downloading and installing the Informer app, go through the quick app tutorial before swiping right on the screen and selecting the Notification tab. On the screen that now appears, select the Edit/Create Notification menu from the centre to continue on to the next step.

    2. Step2New

      What to include

      The app will now show you the various ways you can design the notification to suit your needs. Your first choice will be to choose the size of the notification and if you want it to be expandable when pressed. The app will then begin to piece your notification together.

    3. Step3New

      Add the Toggles

      You can now go through and add various elements to your notification. Although most choices are free, you can unlock further toggles by upgrading to the pro version of the app. After selecting all the toggles, go back to your design where you’ll see the finished notification.

    4. Step4New

      Confirm and check

      With the finished notification ready, leave the app and head to your notification menu by dragging down the bar at the top of your device. You should find that the notification has changed to alert you to your phone or tablet’s current status. Press on it to get further information.

    5. Step5New

      See more detail

      After pressing on the notification, the app will re-open providing additional information about how your device is currently functioning. The notification is great for getting a quick overview, but the information here is also useful. To edit the notification, go back to the app’s home screen.

    6. Step6

      Using the NotiShare app

      Download and install the notiShare app. When first opened, the app will ask you to select the social media accounts you want linked with the notification as well as how you want the notification to look. The app will then attempt to link your device with your social media details.

    7. Step7New

      Manually sign in

      You may find that the app can’t initially connect to your account and instead you’ll need to follow the instructions provided to manually enter your details. The app will then run a second connection test. If it worked, you’ll be transferred back to the home screen of the app.

    8. Step8New

      Update your status

      With the notification created, close the app and drag down to view the notification bar. The notiShare notification will be present, as well as the icons of connected social media accounts. Tap one to instantly be taken to the app where you can update your status or send a tweet.