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How to add animated graphics and sound effects – iMovie Tutorial

Use animated Batman-style captions and sounds in your clips

The classic Batman TV show from the Sixties paid homage to its comic book origins by superimposing ‘Ka-POW!’ style captions over fight scenes to underscore Batman’s villain-clobbering punches and kicks. You can enhance your own fight or action scenes in a similar way thanks to iMovie’s Title browser. We’ll show you how to freeze the action on a punch and add an animated Batman-style caption to the footage. You’ll learn how to modify the caption’s font to make it look more ‘comic book’ and also learn how to emphasise the impact of each punch with one of iMovie’s percussive sound effects. Follow these nine simple steps and you’ll have a truly awesome comic book-style fight scene in next to no time.

1: Import assets

Go to File>New Project. Create a project with a Standard (4:3) Aspect ratio and a 24 fps Frame Rate. Go to File>Import>Movies and browse to Fight!.mov.

2: Add to project

Drag the movie into the Project window. Click on the icon at the top right of the Project window to display the footage as a single row.

3: Flash and freeze

Go to View>Playhead Info. Scrub forward 14 frames and right click. Choose Split Clip. Select the first section. Go to Clip>Special Effect>Flash and Hold Last Frame.

4: Shorten freeze duration

Click on the frozen frame and press ‘I’ to open the Inspector. Set Clip Duration to 1:00 sec. Tick Applies to All Stills. Click Done.

5: Add text

Click on the Show Title browser icon. Drag Sideways Drift over the frozen frame. Trim the duration of the title to 1:00 sec. Edit the text to read ‘KA-POW!’

6: Edit font

For a more comic book-style look click Show Fonts. Choose Impact. Click on the yellow colour swatch. Set Size to 9. Tick the Outline icon. Click Done.

7: Horizontal Blur

Scrub to 4:08 and repeat step 3 to split the clip, add a flash and freeze the frame. Add the Horizontal title and type in ‘SWOOSH!’ as the baddie swings his bag.

8: Add sound effects

Click the Sound Effects browser and go to the Booms folder. Drag ‘Slamming Metal Lid’ onto the ‘KA-POW!’ clip. Drag ‘Sweep Motion’ onto the ‘SWOOSH!’ frame.

9: Mix it up!

Vary the colour and title style as you add graphics, emulating the Sixties comic book look! Add music to blend the action, sound effects and graphics together.

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