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How to access ZIP files on your Android phone

Unlock tricky ZIP files by using one very simple app

Files can come in all shapes and sizes, and there are plenty of file extensions too. Your Android device is pretty capable of opening most file types, be it a JPEG image, or a .AVI movie file, it’s nothing that most Android device can’t handle. One file type that does plex our favourite OS is the .ZIP file type. Not only do some phones struggle to open, some don’t even recognise the file type, and instead you need to turn to the Play Store for some help.

The easiest file unlocker on the Play Store to use is AndroZIP. Not only can it help you access other awkward file types, it also has the functionality to unlock those pesky .ZIP files. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the AndroZIP app, and how you can use it to gain access to every .ZIP file you send to your device.

  1. Download the app

    Open up the Play Store and search for AndroZIP. The app itself is a free download, and won’t take very long to install on your device. Once downloaded, open up the shortcut that’s now placed on the main home screen of your device.

  2. AndroZIP home screen

    On first glance the app itself can look quite confusing, but all the folders shown contain the various files on your device. For the purpose of this tutorial we want to find all the .ZIP files currently stored on your device, so press on the Search tab at the top to do so.

  3. Choose your file

    You’ll now be able to see all the .ZIP files saved on your device. This screen will let you choose the ones you want to delete or unlock using the app. There’s little information stored here, so go ahead and select one of the files currently listed.

  4. Choose an action

    Depending on the size of the .ZIP file on the next screen you’ll now need to choose between the Open File action, or the Open Folder action. The former is best suited to unlocking single files, where Open Folder is for large and multiple files.

  5. Unpack a file

    After confirming the action, the file will begin unpacking to be made into a recognisable file format for your device. The time it takes for it to finish unpacking depends entirely on the size of the file. Once finished you’ll get a confirmation.

  6. Find the file

    Depending on the type of file, you’ll now be able to find it on your device. If it was a downloaded app, you’ll find the icon in your app drawer. If it was a film, you’ll find it in the Gallery, and if it was a book, you should find it in your Play Books library.