How It Works team illustrate the whole world in new magazine

Award-winning magazine team launch an amazing new illustrated title in the Knowledge sector.

How It Works Illustrated
Setting their sights on nothing less than the complete illustration of the world – or at least, all the exciting bits that fascinate both kids and grown-ups – the team behind the award-winning How It Works, All About Space, World of Animals and All About History have launched a brand new magazine.

Travel-sized, packed full of gorgeous artwork and also supporting Key Stage 2 learning, the new How It Works Illustrated launches today for just £6.99. This 132-page magazine is not only bursting at the seams with premium illustration and educational content, but is also shaking up the newsstand with a refreshing blast from the past and a new strategy.

How It Works Illustrated is uniquely designed to be a collectible publication, reinventing the partwork for the modern age. Not only that, each issue will look at a single, high-interest topic in depth, such as Ancient Rome or Dinosaurs. Collect the whole series and you’ll have an illustrated guide to the entire world.

Grab the first issue now – ‘History of the World’ – from all good retailers or order from our online store. iPad reader? You can download from iTunes as well.

To make sure you don’t miss a single issue, subscribe now and save up to 50%.

And because we still can’t get over how good it looks, here’s a sneak preview of How It Works Illustrated for you –

Animals of the Ice Age

Biggest ancient empires

Medieval times

HIWI spread