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Honor 7 review

The Western flagship phone for Eastern budget prices

Honor 7

Honor 7

Despite making excellent phones at great bargain prices, Huawei has so far been unable to crack the western market. Whether this is due to a lack of an in-store presence or the fact that people mostly stick to the brands they know and trust, is yet to be fully understood. However, the Chinese company has now taken matters into its own hands by creating an offshoot company with a more west-friendly name that targets a younger market.

That company is Honor and it is rapidly making a name for itself by making phones with excellent specifications at very low prices, and consequently putting it in direct competition with the familiar Moto G range as well as fellow Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and OnePlus. Its latest offering is the Honor 7, launched across Europe to a great fanfare alongside Huawei’s new online store It had already made headlines across the world before its European launch after an online flash sale in China resulted in all 200,000 available phones selling out in just two minutes alone. So what makes this new handset so desirable?

In a nutshell, it combines premium materials and top specifications for a very low price. The Honor 7 is encased in aluminium, which makes it look classy and feel smooth without adding too much weight. It comes in three colour options, grey, silver and gold, so you have plenty of choice when buying. It is very iPhone-like in its shape and layout, presumably a deliberate choice in order to lure in people who love the Apple look, but want Android’s customisation.


Find out more about what we thought of the Honor 7 in our review in issue 57 of Android Magazine, available for instant download now.