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HomeMonitor Indoor review

Keep an eye on your belongings wherever you are.

Security is paramount for most homeowners and with the help of the HomeMonitor, you can keep track of your house and belongings on your smartphone or tablet. The HomeMonitor is a small unit that acts as a camera which can be mounted to any wall in your home. There’s little to note about the design of it, apart from the mounting holes around the back and the antenna which is used to establish a secure connection to your smartphone. Although it can be a bit fiddly to set-up, the corresponding HomeMonitor app gives you the tools to connect the HomeMonitor unit to your Wi-Fi connection and then pairs your smartphone directly to it.

From then on in, you can logon to the HomeMonitor app and see a direct feed of your camera to see what it’s recording. To be extra safe, you can implement motion controls which sends a notification to your phone when an intruder is in your house. There’s also a wealth of other security features that users can discover by venturing in to your app. For those who want even more coverage, you can purchase a whole suite of HomeMonitor cameras and connect them all through the app. Through the app you can then switch between each camera and disable the ones you no longer want to see.

HomeMonitor comes with a personal online storage account, which acts as a backup for all the recordings taken with the camera. Out of the box you’ll get seven days free, but will be required to pay for more storage if you need it after that. For the most part you won’t need to keep a recording but on the off chance you do, the costs can get quite steep.

There aren’t many products like HomeMonitor currently on the market and for something that’s so simple to use, it can offer an unprecedented amount of security for your home.