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Head-to-head: The best razors and groomers

Movember is a brilliant cause, and one that’s rightly raising awareness of the threat of prostate cancer in men across the world, but if you’re going to smooth off you visage why not do it with the best and most rewarding grooming gadgets on the market? We’ve put four of the best electric razors on the market head-to-head so you will know which one is right for you.


Braun Series 9


This being a guide to the best electric razors on the market, it should come as no surprise to see German grooming specialist Braun appearing twice in our list. And while the MG5090 is a fine all-in-one package in itself, the Braun Series 9 9095CC Men’s Electric Foil Shaver is the daddy of them all. Featuring everything from a 100 per cent waterproof design to a brilliant shave system that offers 40,000 cross cutting movements per minute. Styled as the ‘world’s most comfortable shaver’ on three-day beards (by the IPI Institute in Germany, back in February 2015), the Braun 9 was built with the firm’s SyncroSonic shaver head in mind – boasting four specialised cutting elements for every possible facial hair grooming scenario. It uses sonic micro-vibrations to remove more hair than any other shaver with 40,000 movements per minute, alongside a direct and cut trimmer for cutting hairs sticking out in any direction. There’s also a hyper lift and cut trimmer for lifting and shaving low-lying hairs on problem areas such as the neck or chin. Finally, there’s the two OptiFoil blades for a closer shave than any other razor. That unrivalled shave comes complete with a state- of-the-art Li-ion battery, giving you a whole hour and 50 minutes of grooming time. Few shavers on the market come close.
£330 | $500 |


Panasonic ER-GB40


Panasonic has long been one of the pioneers in electric male grooming products, but it hasn’t maintained such a lofty pedigree without providing plenty of innovation along the way. And one of its latest products, the ER-GB40 Hair And Beard Trimmer, carries on that tradition with a bevy of special features. The ER-GB40, designed in Milan no less, is all about giving you the ultimate shaving experience in one package. Its unique 45-degree blade will help you trim your stubble or sculpt your beard with serious power, while the short pitch blade will keep your hairline in check. Another top feature is the 19-comb adjustment dial (1mm to 10mm in 0.5mm intervals), offering precision cutting that enables you to style your beard the way you want. The trimmer also has a wide fixed blade set at 25mm and provides a 0.5mm cutting length without the blade. The ER-GB40 can also be used wet or dry, so you can wash it thoroughly in water without fear of it shorting out. There’s even a handy rubberised handle to ensure it never slips from your grip. The shaver even comes with a charging stand, offering a good 50 minutes of grooming time.
£60 | $50 |



Braun MG5090 Wet + Dry Multi Groomer


While we’d all love to spend an hour every morning trimming and sculpting our chosen style of facial hair, the sheer lack of time we all have before work, uni or the school run means our early routines are often a mad dash from one job to the next. But with that stubble, beard, or moustache needing a little attention you’re suddenly in need of an electric razor that can be used while you jump in the shower – enter the extremely versatile MG5090. So why invest in a MG5090? Well, for a start, it offers three grooming tools in one sleek package. First there’s the extra-wide shaver head that’s equipped with a flexible SmartFoil to provide a smooth and clean shave in only a few strokes. Then, with a quick turn the twistable trimmer on front of the razor, the MG5090 can now be used for efficient trimming with its wide razor or the precise styling of beard lines with its narrow side. Finally, there’s the Click And Lock comb that enables you to trim facial hair to four exact lengths (1.2mm, 2.8mm, 4.4mm and 6mm) for precise beard styling. Add to that a 100 per cent waterproof guarantee for use in wet conditions or dry and rechargeable batteries and you’ve got yourself one impressive shaving package.

£65 | $70 |


Philips OneBlade


In an age where most razors seem to have blades sticking out at every angle, it seems a little against the grain to see one of the biggest names in the industry pushing an electric shaver with a solitary piece of steel to its name. But the Philips OneBlade is more than just a fancy name – it’s a back- to-basics design that offer just as much versatility as its biggest rivals. That versatility comes from the fast- moving cutter Philips has integrated into its design, which moves 200 times per second for an incredibly close and precise shave. That cutter also comes with a dual protection system – giving you an efficient, comfortable shave on longer hairs. So whether you’re trimming your sizeable beard into something more modest, sculpting your stubble into shape or simply shaving yourself clean the OneBlade can do it all. This being a Philips product, it also comes with all the usual attributes you’d expect from a high-end brand with this kind of calibre. So expect a flexible head that follows the contours of your face, a water- resistant design and a long-lasting NiMH battery delivers 45 minutes of constant styling power after an eight-hour charge.
£45 | $35 |


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