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Have an opinion on anything? Give it Just A Score

The new social network of scoring allows you to give anything you want a score, and see what your friends gave it as well

Have you ever been wandering through life and seen a snail. The snail is on a wall, next to some graffiti, and it looks pretty rad. You post a picture to your feed with a half-witty caption and be on your way. But you know what you wish you could have done? Rated this intrepid artistic snail an 8/10.

We don't actually have a picture of a snail next to some graffiti, so here's an 'artist's' impression
We don’t actually have a picture of a snail next to some graffiti, so here’s an ‘artist’s’ impression

Here at Imagine Publishing, we’ve heard the cries of the snail-next-to-graffiti-noticing public, and we’ve introduced a new app and social network for rating anything and everything. Avengers 2? Rate it. The popcorn at the cinema you saw it at? Rate it. The bloke next to you tutting at the inaccuracies compared to the comics? Rate him. Badly.

Want to rate Cinnamon? Ubuntu? Fedora? One of Linus’ recent outbursts of swearing? You can do that too. Right now, you can grab Just A Score from iTunes and run it on your iPhone, iPad and even the Apple Watch. It will be coming to Android soon, and you can also follow us on Just A Score where we will stick to giving serious scores to slightly more serious things as well.