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Hardware Review – v-Jays

Manufacturer: Jays
Price: £58

Jays is a company that just doesn’t know how to do things badly. Every single time we get a pair of headphones through the letterbox we think that they can’t possibly be as good as the last set. And each time we are proved wrong by yet another set of great headphones. This time around it’s the turn of the v-Jay headphones to impress us. These are an ultra-thin set of head-banded earphones that produce a truly phenomenal sound. One of the reasons a lot of people aren’t into the whole headband look is that a lot of the designs are cumbersome, large and heavy. But v-Jays are the complete opposite of that, weighing in at just 59 grams. These headphones, apart from looking great, also have another goal: they are designed to offer superior bass impact for a louder, richer sound. They use customised 40mm Mylar speakers which, as well as increasing bass response, also keep the other frequencies clear so you can hear exactly what’s going on in your favourite tracks. We can’t emphasise just how good these headphones are. They’re not as true as audiophile headphones, but they’re not meant to be. They will colour your tracks with a bit more bass, and they’re the perfect accompaniment to an iPod/iPhone and are sure get your head bobbing from the first beat. They do leak a bit of noise but that’s purely because of their size. Despite this, they’re great value at under £60 and we urge you to try a pair out. They really rock.

Practicality: 8.5

Design: 9.5

Value for money: 7.0

Features: 6.0

Durability: 9.0

Kung Fu Verdict: 9.0