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Hardware Review – iStation Rotate


Manufacturer: Logic3
Price: £79

We’re really surprised that it’s taken so long for someone to come up with this idea, but Logic3 has finally done it and it really rocks! Logic3 has taken the age-old docking system format and added a rotating element to it, so iPhone users can get a bit of horizontal goodness from their stereo system should they want to view movies or play around with CoverFlow while the iPhone is docked. The system works really well. When vertical the iPhone or iPod touch sits in the middle of the dock, and when you wish to rotate it you just slide the iPhone or iPod to the right and then tilt it horizontally. 

The speaker system itself is based on the extremely popular i-Station range that has been around for a while. It’s designed to be a portable system and as a result won’t blow your socks off sound-wise. That said, the 10W Audio output power (5W + 5W RMS) and Class D amplifier are ample for its size and offer superb sound quality at a high volume. It also comes with a remote that will navigate the iPhone’s iPod menu, but sadly falls short at negotiating CoverFlow. Despite this, the ability to turn the iPod or iPhone while docked makes a big difference to watching movies, and the portable nature of the device makes it worth every penny. Other benefits are the options to switch between battery and plugged power, as well as a line in and video out port. The Logic3 i-Station Rotate is yet another great product from the Logic3 team.


Practicality: 7.0

Design: 6.6

Value for money: 7.8

Features: 8.2

Sound quality: 6.7

Kung Fu Verdict: 7.3