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Hardware Review – iMT237 Orbit-MP3 Speakers


Manufacturer: Altec Lansing
Price: £30 


We were very impressed with the original Orbit speakers from Altec Lansing and it’s always intriguing when companies decide to review and update their products. In this new version of the Orbit, Altec seems to have taken everything that was good and retained it while adding a few new tweaks aswell. The first thing we noticed was that the unit is now a little plumper. Instead of tapering underneath the spear cone to look like a speaker itself, the enclosure is now a straight cylinder around the speaker. The added size doesn’t really affect it though as it’s still a small and cool looking device, perhaps more so in its new form.

The other big change is the new on/off switch, which is an actual button now and not a sliding switch. This is a vast improvement; the old switch was quite tough to use and led to forgetting the unit was on, which resulted in draining the battery. The on/off button now acts as a battery indicator too, which is very cool. And you’ll be pleased to hear that sound-wise you still get the full Altec sound from this tiny speaker. If you want an extremely portable speaker then this should definitely be top of your list. Other cool features are an included carry case, easy access to the batteries and a very reasonable 24-hours of playback from three AA batteries. We can’t rate this product highly enough for successfully doing exactly what it says on the tin!

Practicality: 7.4

Design: 6.7

Value for money: 8.0

Features: 7.8

Sound quality: 5.8 

Kung Fu Verdict: 7.5