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Hardware Review – iLuv iMM173 Double Play


Manufacturer: iLuv
Price: From £100

It was only a matter of time – someone was bound to do it eventually. That’s right, it’s a stereo with not one, but two docks. iLuv has been producing iPod compatible speaker systems for quite a while now, and this latest entry is an indication that the company is starting to really get the market and understand what people want. It’s not just that it has two docks either, this unit would be good looking and stylish with just the one, it simply adds to the symmetry of the button configuration on the top of the player.

The aptly named Double Play is also very sure of what it wants to be, now users with an iPhone and an iPod can easily dock both devices for charging or playback without the fuss of USB hubs and messy cables. Not only that but they’ll be sure to wake up on time too! iLuv has kept the design nice and compact, and as a result the speakers aren’t going to blow you away. But the incorporated jAura acoustic speaker technology will have the output you get sounding fuller and crisper than you would expect from a unit this size. The controls on the Double Play are also very easy to use. iLuv nabbed some scroll wheel thinking from Apple to make setting the time, searching for radio stations and adjusting the volume that much more familiar, and the rest of the controls are easy to find and follow. The remote control on the iMM173 is also worthy of a mention. Although it only offers the most basic functions for controlling a connected iPhone, it will allow full navigation of an iPod. That’s always a bonus!

Practicality: 8.5

Design: 7.0

Value for money: 7.2

Features: 8.4

Durability: 6.7

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.2