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Why root your phone? – Double the speed of your Android device

Unleash your Android phone to its maximum potential through phone hacking. Read on to get the necessary information on how to double the speed on your phone.

Mobile technology is developing so fast that even if you’ve bought the latest and best Android phone on the market, you can be sure it’ll start to look old a few months down the line. If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, then perhaps first consider the world of phone hacking, and getting the most out of your Android phone. With a few phone hacks you can not only bring your phone up-to date, but also get extra power from your phone.

Changing the ROM will not perform miracles. It won’t suddenly give your phone a faster processor, or even give your phone more memory, but as anyone who has ever used a brand new device and found it to be occasionally laggy when scrolling through their home screens will know, how well optimised the software is proves hugely important to how fast your phone is, or at least how fast it feels.

When a manufacturer is putting together a ROM for an Android phone, it has countless considerations affecting what the final product will look like. Yes, they want it to be fast, but they also need it to be as stable as possible, and it also must fulfil the advertised promises of the device – certain apps will be installed, for instance, and some may be set to run continually in the background. When a custom ROM make enters the world of phone hacking, for the most part they can ignore those considerations. A ROM will, of course, have to be stable if it is intended to be used for everyday purposes, but sometimes developers will look to squeeze a little more power at the cost of some niceties. They might produce bloatware free ROMs that also often find their way on to your Android phone.

Budget tablets may be the devices that eventually benefit from this most of all. In the past we’ve used cheaper tablets that use dual core processors that are slowed down to a crawl due to the heavily customised software that installed on them. Returning the device to a more basic version of Android could free up the hardware to fulfil its potential. Such devices are heavily reliant, though, on support from a developer community, and that is not always there for obscure products. If you’re looking for a budget tablet, that’s something you might want to check out first.

If you are wondering on how to check the speed of your phone, you can download benchmarking apps such as Quadrant, Vellamo, BenchmarkPi and Antutu from the Android market. Benchmarks don’t always tell the whole story, but they are useful nonetheless.

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