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Guest post: The view from CES (Part 2)

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what was big at CES with part two of our exclusive guest blogs from ZTE’s VP of global marketing, Waiman Lam



Not everyone can make it to the world’s biggest tech show – but luckily for you, our friend Waiman Lam, VP of global marketing for ZTE Mobile Devices, was on hand to get a look behind the scenes. Over his series of exclusive guest blogs, he shares the four things he saw at CES  that are guaranteed to pique the interest of Android fans. Over to him!

Waiman Lam, ZTE Mobile Devices

Smartphones are the key to mainstream future for VR

Oculus has dominated conversations about virtual reality in recent years, and did the same to the headlines at CES by announcing that its Rift product will launch to consumers in March. But the price tag and computing requirements will surely see sales limited to committed early adopters for the first year or so. For most of us, virtual reality in 2016 will be powered by our smartphones, thanks to affordable platforms such as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. Virtual reality will never hit the mainstream while it requires connection to a high-grade gaming rig; it must be mobile. As smartphones become even more powerful in 2016, consumers can expect VR to figure more prominently in their day-to-day experience – especially as brands and media outlets start experimenting with producing content for VR platforms.

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