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Guest post: The view from CES (Part 1)

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what was big at CES with part one of our exclusive guest blogs from ZTE's VP of global marketing, Waiman Lam

ZTE at CES 2016

ZTE at CES 2016

Not everyone can make it to the world’s biggest tech show – but luckily for you, our friend Waiman Lam, VP of global marketing for ZTE Mobile Devices, was on hand to get a look behind the scenes. Over his series of exclusive guest blogs, he shares the four things he saw at CES  that are guaranteed to pique the interest of Android fans. Over to him!

Waiman Lam, ZTE Mobile Devices

The theme of CES 2016 in Las Vegas was obviously ‘smart everything’. Smart scales, smart thermometers, the first smart shoes, even the smart fridge – the go-to example for anyone trying to explain the Internet of Things – finally had the impact people have been expecting for years.

Although plenty of new smart and connected products were showcased this year, much of the technology behind them has been around for a while – what we saw was generally the result of several years’ refinement, rather than major innovation.

There was still plenty to whet Android fans’ appetites, however…

Autonomous cars impress, Android Auto gets in-car tech for the masses up and running

Cars were centre-stage at CES, with some commentators joking that it was one of the world’s biggest car shows. Audi might have wowed attendees with the self-driving A7 model that drove from San Francisco to the Las Vegas venue without incident, but autonomous vehicles are still some way from the mainstream. In the shorter term, Android fans with an interest in cars should take note of the slew of Android Auto announcements by major marques – from the high-end to the more affordable – including Audi and Hyundai, as well as in-car entertainment system makers such as Pioneer and JVC Kenwood.

Look out for more exclusive CES blogs from Waiman Lam over the rest of the week!