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GTA: San Andreas for Android review

The console classic comes to Android. But is your phone up to the challenge of GTA: San Andreas? Find out in our review

San Andreas is the third Grand Theft Auto port to hit mobile devices, bringing  with it the biggest story and arguably the best gameplay experience as well.

San Andreas is a sprawling world and due to the graphical intensity of some locations, cut scenes and scenarios, you’ll find that many older phones will struggle to keep up and lag is an occasional problem even on the most cutting edge smartphones.

Even though the touch screen controls work well here, there’s added support for external controllers which are by far the best way to play through a game as big as this.

As you’d expect with any Grand Theft Auto game, there’s an engaging storyline to follow. Missions feel varied enough to keep things interesting and whether you’re performing a bank heist, or doing a spot of car jacking, the game always feels fresh.

The perfectionists among you will also want to explore the various side missions which are in abundance throughout the game, even though they are on the short side and have little impact on the money you earn or the cars and other vehicles you can unlock in return.

One of the best things about the Grand Theft Auto series is that players can choose to completely disregard the main story and instead explore the world around them by any means they want. So whether it’s simply beating people up on the street, creating epic crashes or outrunning the police it’s all possible on this mobile port.

However, the game’s lag issues to come into play when you have numerous objects on the screen at any single time.

If your phone can handle it, then GTA San Andreas is one of the best games to hit the Google Play store in years. With a mammoth story to complete and the usual GTA madness, this is one all avid Android gamers should look to enjoy.