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GT Racing: Motor Academy review

GT Racing is a 3D racing game for Android phones. We take it for a test drive.

GT Racing: Motor Academy is a free to play racing game from Gameloft, one of the most prolific and impressive developers working on Android games today. GT Racing continues their excellent form, offering the player an impressive and immersive racing experience.

If it’s arcade racing you’re after, then GT Racing isn’t the game for you. This is a tight, highly polished simulator that lets you plot out your entire racing career, from novice in a terrible car, all the way to world champion in a gas guzzling, flame spitting behemoth. It’s also incredibly pretty, with spectacular 3D graphics and seamless interactive menus.

There are two ways through the game. You can either work hard, paying due diligence to all the licenses and classes, slowly building up funds by winning races, or you can spend real life money in-game to buy all the credits you need to take you to the top.

The controls are simple. The on-screen button to your right controls the accelerator, the one to the left controls the brake, and you steer by tilting your phone, almost like it was a steering wheel. The system works reasonably well, although it doesn’t fit in quite so well with the game’s hardcore racer aesthetic.

There’s certainly a lot to unlock in the game, with hours of content and more promised by Gameloft after launch. Working your way through the ranks is a pretty big commitment, as you’d expect from a game with a payment system like GT Racing.

It’s hard to say whether GT Racing will catch on on smartphones. It features licensed vehicles, as well as a huge amount of racing action, but gamers can get a similar experience from other games without having to pay, or work their fingers to the bone, for the better equipment. It’s fun, and very good looking, but the depth, and the payment model, might put some people off.