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Griffin Helo TC Review

A seemingly brilliant combination of remote-controlled helicopter and app - but can they achieve their potential?

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Key features: • IR flight control deck • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch • Flight time of approximately ten minutes

When first removed from the box you can’t help but be impressed by the look of this chopper. The design gives it the impression of being military grade, a view that is made stronger by the sight of two missiles on either side of the nose. The Helo TC Assault comes with a twin set of lightweight rotors to propel it, as well as a tail rotor. The twin missile launchers come with six missiles should you need to reload, and poly lithium fuel cell that lasts for around ten minutes with continuous use.

It all sounds like an impressive package, and the client app that powers and controls the chopper goes some way to ensuring that mood remains. A free download from the App Store, the Helo TC app uses multi-touch display to allow you to control the throttle, as well as the on-screen joystick, to fly the helicopter. Alternatively you can use tilt controls to manoeuvre your chopper. Cleverly, you can also record and save flight plans, which can then be recalled at a later date should you want to go back and weave between furniture with minimal fuss.

By default the gadget is limited to going just a few inches off the ground, even when starting on a raised surface, and this feels slightly anticlimactic. Switching into expert mode gives you power, but it’s much harder to control.