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Great Battles Medieval for Android review

The Android game Great Battles Medieval combines entertainment with education. Does it succeed on either count? Find out in our full review

You don’t see many educational games hit the Google Play store, but Great Battles Medieval is a surprise hit.

The game itself takes place during the Hundred Years War between England and France and you’ll find all the historical references used throughout highly accurate. Between fights you’ll see recreations of famous scenarios put together by the History Channel which are a great treat and break up the gameplay well.

At its core, Great Battles Medieval is a strategy RPG, putting you in the shoes of either England or France.

There isn’t a particular story line, per se, but instead you’ve an open map and can choose to skirmish with different armies you encounter. At your disposal are 20 different unit types and you can put together a decent army with them.

After separating your army into different squads, you can then proceed into battle.

Battles are an epic affair, and at any one time you can expect to see up to a thousand soldiers fighting it out. You need to carefully mastermind the best way to defeat the enemy, with certain units and weapons being effective against certain enemy types.

Some units have specific movement traits and other variables which really make the strategy aspect of the game shine through.

As you progress you can unlock skills to add to certain units and pick up battle cards which can be used during a battle to give you the upper hand.

There’s a great sense of momentum within a battle and if things aren’t going your way, you may need to regroup your troops and figure out a new tactic. Similarly, if the enemy are dwindling, you’ll need to make sure you come through the battle unscathed, as the loss of troops can cost you a lot of in-game currency to replenish.

Great Battles Medieval works as both a great educational tool, but also a fantastic strategy RPG every tablet user should check out.