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Google’s cloud services “better than Apple’s”

• “Google has a cloud service Apple could only dream of” says expert • Cupertino company could learn from Google • Get advice on how to get more from cloud computing

Editor of renowned publication Android Magazine has claimed that Apple’s iCloud service will never match what’s offered by Google. “Most Apple users don’t really know what iCloud offers, or how it works,” states Andy Betts. “Unlike Google, people don’t know what benefits iCloud offers, and while Google ensures all its services are compatible with the cloud, Apple can’t say the same. At present, Google has a cloud service Apple could only dream of.”

Google in particular has embraced cloud computing across all its services, and many would argue that it works even more effectively than iCloud. Whether it’s Gmail, Drive, Google Play, Calendar or Google+, everything works in the cloud and offers a fantastic platform for its users.

Google's cloud services have proved very popular to users across different platforms
Google’s cloud services have proved very popular to users across different platforms

Google, Microsoft and Amazon have all been pushing their cloud services strongly over the past year or so, and this seems to have paid off, with Android devices selling by the bucketload, the Kindle Fire proving popular and Windows 8 giving the old OS a new lease of life.

On top of that, services such as Dropbox, Photobucket, Flickr and Netflix allow you to store files, share images, watch movies and much more through the cloud, and aren’t constrained to just one platform or device.

“iCloud is a service that Apple could certainly be pushing further”, stated Jon Gordon, Editor of iCreate magazine. “It offers a whole range of fantastic benefits, especially to those who own a number of iDevices. However, in some ways the services offered by the likes of Google and others are outshining iCloud, and Apple could learn a thing or two from them. Once people become familiar with what it has to offer though, it can really help keep your life in sync.”

Cloud computing itself has become big business. Allowing you to store work, films, music and more online means you can access everything you need wherever you are in the world, on virtually any device.

With a huge range of guides to show you how to get more from iCloud, Android, SkyDrive, Dropbox and more, The Cloud Computing Book Revised Edition is packed with step-by-step tutorials to help you get the most from the cloud, and show you how it can help you in every area of your life.

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Cloud Computing Book cover

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