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Google Shopper review

Google Shopper combines the best bits of Amazon and eBay to make a great app. Read on for our full review.

Google Shopper aims to be the number one app you need to use when you’re looking for new products to purchase in your area. Upon opening the app for the first time, you’ll need to enter your current location, allowing Shopper to then personalise the app for your needs. On the homepage you’ll see a range of the most popular products in your area, but these can be changed to fit other categories, if you wish.

Pressing on one of these products on the homepage will then show the online retailers that stock the product, as well as incorporate both eBay and Amazon listings of the products.The app displays the contradicting prices well, and you can customise the viewing experience to make it easier for you to use if need be.

Apart from the featured products list, you can use the search tool at the top of the app to look for any product. Instead of using the keyboard, you can use the voice search function to look for products.

The most novel feature within Google Shopper is its barcode-scanning capibilities. If you’re out and about and come across a product that you want to find out more about, including its online price, you can press the camera button at the top of the app to start scanning barcodes. The recognition system is fantastic, and after scanning it takes the all just a few seconds to load up its search results for the product.

If you’re looking for multiple products, you can use the Shopping List feature to put together a list of products you’re looking to buy. Once you’ve then bought or searched for a product, you can then tick if off on the list. The feature is pretty useful, but not being able to edit your list after you confirm is a bit of a problem.

Instead of having multiple shopping apps on your Android device, Shopper does a great job at bringing the best bits of its competitors and implement into a familiar Google interface. If you’re a keen online shopper, then this app is a must download.