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Google Play apps of the week (7/6): Google Keyboard, Glide, World War Z, Fences for Android and Little Luca

This week we've got a real mix of apps and games you need to download, including a zombie shooter in World War Z and an alternative video messaging app in Glide.

Google Keyboard


Download link

With the likes of Swiftkey and Swype on the market, there isn’t much room for a new keyboard to break through. Google has revamped their standard keyboard to a far more functional offering, enabling users to choose between swiping and typing to send messages.



Download link

Video texting is made easy with Glide, which enables users to send short video messages to a single friend, or an entire group at the same time. All the messages you send and receive are saved in the cloud and best of all, it’s completely free!

World War Z


Download link

If you’re excited for the upcoming World War Z movie, then you’ll definitely want to check out the official game. Blast your way through zombie hordes, while carefully managing your ammo and supplies. It can run slow on older devices, however.

Fences for Android


Download link

Fences for Android is a profile management application that lets you create and pinpoint options based around your current location and how your phone tags your location. It’s quite an ingenious little app that definitely warrants a download from those who like to stay in control of their phone and the information it shares.

Little Luca


Download link

In terms of Android games, things don’t get much cuter than Little Luca. This insanely addictive platformer puts you in the role of Luca, as you traverse different worlds to collect stars to return the night sky to all its glory. It also includes a great achievement list to get through.