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Google I/O preview: Android 4.3, Google Babel, Nexus 7 2.0

What can we expect from this year's Google I/O event?

It’s that time of year where everyone starts getting excited about what Google has planned for the year ahead. The Google I/O event never disappoints and we’re expecting an even better event this time around. As expected, the rumour mill is rife with speculation so we’ve put together a few things we’re more than likely to see at Google I/O 2013.

Android 4.3 or Android 5.0?

We’re almost guaranteed to see a new installment of the Android OS announced at Google I/O 2013, but no-one is sure on what version will be announced. Some predict a large update entitled Android 5.0 with the code name of Key Lime Pie, while others see Google announcing a small incremental update sticking with the code name of Jelly Bean.

Google Babel

The rumours surrounding Google’s fabled messaging platform, Babel, have been getting more common in the past week, with many now believing the new messaging platform will simply be incorporated in to Google+ Hangouts, rather than a standalone app available for download.

Nexus 7 2.0

What everyone really wants to see at Google I/O 2013 is the announcement of a new series of Nexus devices. It’s thought that a new iteration of the Nexus 7 will be announced, featuring a better screen, bigger battery and a cheap price tag. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a first look at a follow up to the Nexus 4 and perhaps a revamped version of the Nexus 10 to boot.


Whatever is announced, Google I/O is set to be a fantastic event and we can’t wait to see what they’ve in-store for us.