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Android M is official and the Developer Preview is available now

Six features of the next-generation of Android M were debuted on stage at Google I/O and Nexus owners can test them right now

Android M Logo

Google Vice President of Products has kicked off the annual Google conference in San Francisco by officially announcing Android M, which is to allow tailored app permissions, fast charging, improved intra-app links and Android Pay.

He then introduced Dave Burke to talk through six features of the new platforms.

App permissions

App permissions are to be simplified at installation and apps will not be granted access to a particular area of your device, such as messages or microphone, until you use the part of the app for which it is relevant. This ought to make Android users feel much safer when downloading apps.


Chrome Custom Tabs

Chrome Custom Tabs is a way to use the web while maintaining the app’s look and feel. When clicking a link within an app, Chrome will load over the top of the app, so it maintains the same style and feel as the app while making the most of Chrome’s features, such as saved passwords and caches.


App-to-app links

Android M will speed up the process of visiting one app from another. Developers can set up a system that automatically opens the best app for the job, rather than asking users how they would like to open a link.


Android Pay

Burke then explained some key aspects of Android Pay, explaining the security features within the app and that it can work at over 700,000 locations in the US. Android M will standardise fingerprinting technology, letting users pay for goods with just their fingerprint and possibly even less than that, with a voice activated app and touchscreen terminal that would recognise your fingerprint.



Android M will improve power usage through Doze. Motion detection will see if a device has been unused for a while and set itself into a low-power state. When using this feature, devices lasted twice as long as they did when use Lollipop.


Fast Charging

Charging via ‘Type C’ charging also ought to be possible soon too, which means you can charge faster and more easily. As with the Apple Lightning cable, you will soon be able to plug in a charging cable either way, putting an end to inevitably trying the wrong way first.

And yes! Volume changes in Lollipop have been changed back!