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Google I/O 2013: Play Music All Access, Hangouts, Google Play Games and Galaxy S4 with stock Android

Google I/O showcased some fantastic new apps and features. Take a look as we round-up the news regarding Play Music All Access, Hangout, Play Games and the Galaxy S4 running stock Android.

If you managed to sit through the entire Google I/O keynote yesterday, then hats off to you. The event showcased Google’s plans for the year ahead and there’s never been a better time to be involved in the tech industry. But what does the event mean for the Android platform? We’ve put together a quick guide to everything new and exciting that will appear on your phone soon enough.

Play Music All Access

As well as having a complete redesign, the Play Music app will now include its very own streaming service to rival that of Spotify. Although the All Access service will only be initially launched in the U.S for $9.99 per month, or $7.99 for early adopters, it’ll enable users to gather their various music playlists in one place. Google has been quick off the mark getting many big name publishers onboard to make it something that both Spotify and Rdio will really need to keep an eye on.


Another area in which Google has looked to make big changes to is with its various messaging platforms. Hangouts looks to bring all these together, providing a single place to stay in contact with everyone. The app itself lets people share messages, photos, videos and video chats across Android and iOS devices. The downside to the app is that it doesn’t support SMS messaging, as of yet, but it’s an area which Google are looking to cover soon enough.

Google Play Games

If you’re a big fan on gaming on your phone and tablet, then you’ll want to check out the new Google Play Games service. You’ll now find achievements and leaderboard support added to some of your favourite games and there’s even new multiplayer features for you to take advantage of. More games will be looking to implement the Play Games service in due course.

Galaxy S4 with stock Android

Perhaps the biggest shock of the night was to see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 running stock Android. The device will be sold directly from the Google Play Store with a price tag of $649. There’s no news on UK availability or pricing as of yet.


What did you make of Google I/O 2013? Were you left disappointed with the lack of Android 4.3 and KLP news? Leave your comments below!