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Google Drive for Android review

Google's very own storage service keeps your files in the cloud. Here's our full review.

Google Drive has plenty of competition when it comes to cloud storage apps. Users have been using the likes of Dropbox, SugarSync and Box for months now, and although Google are late to join the party, they have undercut their opposition by offering some of the cheapest cloud storage prices to their users.

The app itself uses a stripped back menu system, and everything you need can be accessed in just a few presses and swipes of the screen. The same can be said about the content uploader, which cuts out the fuss of having to manually go through several menus to upload just a single document, and instead allows for bulk uploads of all files. Although trying a bulk upload of our favourite songs instantly crashed the app.

With many of the Google apps, there’s a big focus on integration and combining the features of each app to maximise the Google experience. Google Drive is no different and can be synced with plenty of other apps. All your Google Calendar appointments can be added, tracks from Google Music can be stored, but the best integration is with its Docs app. Through Drive you can create a new document with Google Docs and upload it instantaneously. This doesn’t just apply to word documents, as you can also create spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations through Drive as well.

All users are entitled to 5GB of free storage when they first start to use the service, which should be enough for casual users looking to upload pictures and documents. Further storage can be bought if necessary.

The 5GB of free storage applies to any device you use Google Drive on, be it on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. Uploading to the cloud requires the same process on any device, and once uploaded you’ll notice it’ll instantly appear on any other synced device.

Google have done wonders to try and make Drive the premier cloud storage server. Not only have they been generous with the amount of free storage they’ve given away, they’ve also made sure that all users will still get a brilliant Google experience.