GOG Linux support coming later this year

GOG releases on Linux this Autumn with the digital distributor testing a selection of their titles on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

With the Humble Bundle leading the way and Steam hot on its heels, more and more digital distributors are starting to support Linux. Purveyors of fine retro PC games GOG (aka Good Old Games) have been rumoured for a while to be adding Linux support, and the team has revealed today that GOG is doing exactly that.

Coming towards the end of the year, GOG plans to launch on Linux with around 100 titles ready. Testing platforms include Ubuntu and Linux Mint for the moment, however there’s no indication that they plan to stick to those distros for forever. There’s also no word on which games are planned to be released on the Linux version of the service just yet.

Do you have a GOG account? Are you looking forward to being able to play some of your games on Linux?