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Gods of Rome review

Gladiators, ready!

Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome

Despite its title, mythological mash-up Gods of Rome features gods and heroes from both Ancient Rome and Greece – not that the story matters that much as they all get to beat the living daylights out of each other in one-on-one combat. Still, it adds to the atmosphere, as do some spectacular 3D visuals – which explain the vast data download (around 500MB) required upon launching.

The fluidly animated fighters battle it out on some sumptuous backdrops, including Mount Olympus. Fortunately, the touch controls are kept simple. A tap or swipe on the right of the screen results in a light or medium attack, while a long press charges up your character’s heavy attack. Holding the left side causes your hero to block most enemy attacks, while swiping left will make them jump back to avoid heavy strikes. It works well and requires some skill to defeat the more powerful foes. In addition, you can unleash a special attack when your rage meter fills up.

The main story mode quests see you progressing across a map, with occasional path choices, engaging in a series of battles. Along the way, you’re rewarded with spheres that contain upgrade items, health potions or new warriors. Team building is a major aspect, as you gradually upgrade your warriors. There’s also strategy in deciding which fighters to take into battle; a bonus effect is gained by using those who share a Bond, for instance.

Extra rewards may be earned in Special Events, as well as a fun Player vs Player mode. While gold is needed to upgrade fighters, the main currency is gems, also available via IAP. The game is generous with free regular spheres, however. On the downside, slowly recharging energy is required for each battle.