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Glasses-free 3D? Move over Nintendo!

Francois Vogel offers us an unbelievable glimpse into the seizure-filled future.

So when I saw this video over at Engadget I wasn’t sure what I was going to see. What I saw was a French man called Francois Vogel do something incredible. By attaching some kind of small device to his temples, his eyeslids flicker so quickly it makes my own eyes water.


The point of this tech is to create a 3D image without the need for glasses, something Nintendo will be doing in Japan next month. However, the 3DS uses a screen which simply projects an image to each eye individually, offering limited viewing angles and the need to be positioned in the ‘sweet spot’ to get the best picture.

Theoretically, the new tech resolves that issue, as the TV in question would simply show a different image at hundredth-of-a-second intervals which would correspond with the timing of each eye opening.

The only issue I see with this technology is the effort involved – few people would be willing to experience the eyelid flickering that our friend Francois undergoes for any length of time, especially not for a feature length film. Also, called me old-fashioned but I’m a little wary of strapping something to my temples which can force my eyes to do things. Just me?

Still, this has potential. Yes, potential to potentially cause seizures in some people, but also potential to change the future of how we watch 3D TV. I know its not Apple-related, but it’s so cool I had to share it. Hope you enjoyed this brief trip into the future…